This home is truly a masterpiece pointing us to the world of a child's imagination. Every detail is so thought out, every inch carefully crafted and the artistry sings something glorious, launching one into the joyful, recollection of their childhood play.  It inspires us that beauty still exists in this world and that we are all just big kids needing to be loved and sometimes reminded to have fun!

— Elizabeth Garvey

“Can you say…A DREAM!?”

Can you say....A DREAM!? I'll keep re-living this get away until I get to come back again! Every last detail is amazing, along with the staff that helped make our trip go even more smoothly with food in our bellies along the way! A bonfire by the ocean at night while the tide was going out couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you for making a dream of yours into one of mine!

— Sara Beth Borchardt

“It’s so peaceful!”

Anywhere you go you will notice areas where business owners say "we've got to cut costs somewhere..." but not at the 2nd Star! Every detail... it's hard to explain how intricate and awesome they did on making this place! It's so peaceful! The views are remarkable. You can truly relax here. Thank you so much!!

— Jackie Ostroot

Amazing venue!! Known to many as "The Peter Pan House." The Exterior is beautiful with a view of the head of the bay. The interior is stunning! The rooms are plush, including each bathroom with intricate design throughout the building. The "kids room" designed with the Peter Pan theme, is fun for kids and adults alike. Don't forget the in-house movie theater, game room, old-fashioned candy store, pool, and exquisite dining areas! Would be great for a weekend wedding, with plenty of rooms available for the wedding party AND guests! Absolutely love this place!

— Michelle Geagel

“Every time you think you have seen everything, you see another bit of detail.”

Amazing! The details are just so thoughtful. Every time you think you have seen everything, you see another bit of detail. This place has been so well thought out and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay! I highly recommend to anyone and everyone! A very special place.

— Jenna Michaud

“Breathtaking and beautiful.”

No words would work to even describe the beautiful, intentional, thoughtful design and layout of this place. It is breathtaking and beautiful.

Mary Turnquist


Truly the most amazing home I've ever been in. It's a dream come true, especially for a reunion or wedding.

- Kelly Keating Griebel

“I look forward to my return.”


This property is as beautiful as it is relaxing. I have had the wonderful opportunity to stay here and I highly recommend a visit to everyone. The house, the surrounding landscape and the ocean call you to spend time here. I look forward to my return.

— Shannon McBride

Love this beautiful venue. So much fun, many things to do and the views are amazing. If your looking for some place unique, this is it.

— Janice Waltman Fraley

The pictures do not do this place justice. So so nice here. 24 kids and 4 adults and still lots of room to sit and think in quiet. You will not be disappointed.

— John Martin

“We felt like we were living in a fantasy.”


It was an amazing place to stay. We all felt like we were living in a fantasy. The staff was exceptional.

— Tammy Weste

This place is Amazing. You can't put it into words.

— Bj Coon

It was phenomenal, you will be totally amazed by this place.

— Mandy Eads

It is exceptionally beautiful!!! This place is a must-see!!! SO gorgeous!!!! 

— Jamie Russell